How I help churches with Web design, sermon graphics, branding and more

I never specifically sought out churches for design or development work, but it just seems like over the years I’ve worked with dozens and dozens of churches. And with experience comes knowledge – some of it learned by working hands on with churches, big and small. I’ve now got clients that are both church plants of 100 people as well as mega churches with thousands of members.

And the basic principles of good design, user-friendly websites, well-written content, clean and concise yet up-to-date social media channels all ring true for a church, ministry or nonprofit of any size. These are the ways that I help churches: as a long time church member/goer who has been involved on the ground floor of a number of churches, I know what works and what doesn’t. What are some of these ways:

    • Church Web Design
    • Church WordPress Development
    • Church Logo Design & Brand Creation
    • Sermon Graphics
    • Church social media management and marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Church Signage and Displays
    • Email Management and Marketing
    • Youth Group Signage, Logo and Apparel Design
    • Content Management Solutions
    • Sermon bumpers and video
    • Worship slide backgrounds

Basically I cover the gamut when it comes to churches design and marketing needs. Unfortunately for many churches, and not just church plants, there is a mindset that design, development and the “Web” are just not that important to users (ie church-goers or members), but nothing could be further from the truth. According to blogger, Thom Rainer, 90% of new church visitors are finding the prospective church via the Internet. That’s staggering! What that tells me is that your website is one of the most important aspects of your church.

And the numbers don’t stop there: 60% of those searches are on mobile devices… so while having a website is vitally important, having a mobile-responsive website is even more important! On top of that, how does your website look, how is the functionality, the usability, etc. Is it the image that you want to convey to potential visitors and ultimately members. Will it make them want to visit. In reality, that brand: both your website, your image, your logo and more are in certain aspects a form of evangelism – a means to get visitors in the door, to ultimately hear the gospel or feel the love of God.

That’s where I come in… I love churches, ministries and non-profits… and I love working with them. Let’s get started by visiting your churches’ brand and image, developing a logo that will speak to your audience and convey your message. And then build from there… your WordPress website, your sermon graphics, your social media following and more! Give me a call or contact me to chat about your church or ministry project. I would seriously love to help you out!