Print & Packaging

Round out that new brand identity campaign or website with a refresh of your print materials or product packaging.

I’ve been creating eye-catching print pieces, including magazine advertisements, brochures, tradeshow displays and more for almost 25 years. It's important to refresh once you update your branding and website presence.

Spending money on advertising and marketing is important, but how you advertise is even more important. Why not put those advertising dollars to the best use possible?

“I work with you to create top-notch, professional print pieces that will truly catch the eye of your customers and make your advertising dollars work for you."

Translating your brand into a well-crafted series of graphics takes a special skill and is super important to the marketing of your business. Whether it be creating graphics for your tradeshow display or product label, designing an advertisement for that featured magazine placement, or assembling a series of icons to set your skillset apart via some brochureware, I work with you to create top-notch, professional print items that will truly catch the eye of your customers.

I got my start in print design almost 25 years ago, working in original versions of Freehand and Adobe Photoshop. Keeping that print collateral cohesive within a larger branding campaign or along with a newly designed website is integral to the success of your company, and I guide you along the right path in regards to all of your print design.

Nothing screams Buy Me! like creative, unique, and eye-catching packaging. I keep packaging consistent with brand standards yet am able to work on out-of-the-box concepts that will grab a potential client’s attention and keep that interests.

I often include marketing materials as part of a larger branding campaign, but occasionally work on those marketing collateral as small add-ons for new clients. Items such as business cards, brochures, and letterhead are often over-looked, but are vital to your day to day interaction with potential clients and customers.

Why waste money on advertising, either online or offline, if the advertisements themselves won’t gain the attention of your audience. I work with you to determine what type of advertising would work for you and then design those materials in a creative way.


Branding, Visual Identity, Web Design, Print & Packaging

Branding, Website Design, Print & Packaging, eCommerce

Branding Identity, Research & Strategy, Web Design, Print & Packaging