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Your brand is the most important part of your business. What does yours say about you?

Brand is one of those words that has come to mean a variety of things, but for the most part it’s very misunderstood. A brand is not simply just a logo, or a name, or even an image. Your brand is really what your business prospects think of when they hear your name. Therefore your brand is the most important part of your business, yet can often be overlooked.

By taking your brand identity seriously, you understand the value that is placed upon those thoughts and ideas. With that in mind, I put the utmost effort into truly getting to know you and your business, and then take that knowledge and work with you to craft your brand, beginning with your logo and identity and building on those elements.

“I put the utmost effort into truly getting to know your business and then creating something amazing for you!”

With so much of your business success riding on your brand, formulating a concise and clear branding strategy is invaluable to your business. I start with the nuts and bolts of your business, learning your process, your products, your culture and your people and then formulate a strategy around all of those things, cohesively and expertly.

I work to expertly craft a cohesive typeface with your brand mark or icon, combining them into your logo. I then work to make that logo into the prominent face of your brand.

For some clients I invest time into creating a unique font face for their brand, rather than the use of a traditional or existing font. This is called typography. I do custom typography where needed during branding campaigns.

Your brand collateral could be anything from print materials such as business cards, letterhead, or signage to things such as apparel, buttons, or lanyards. Whatever your brand design needs may be, I work with you to formulate a plan and then bring that plan to fruition.

When I engage in a branding campaign for a client, one of the things I often start with is a mood board or an idea board, where I put together all types of ideas for your brand, including logo examples, type options, collateral ideas and more. From that I begin to piece together specific marketing materials for your identity, including things like social media graphics, advertisements and more.

I round out a branding campaign by assembling a brand style guide or Brand Guidelines. This includes things like color palettes, logo usage, size instructions, spacing guides and more. The brand guidelines are an integral part to moving forward with your logo and identity.


Branding, Visual Identity, Web Design, e-Commerce, SEO, Social Media

Branding, Visual Identity, Web Design, Social Media

Branding, Visual Identity