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Is your website working for you? Through attention to detail, a focus on both mobile and desktop, and a bold creative vision, I build beautiful websites that sell for you and meet your marketing needs.

Implementing creativity with marketing is a trait that I bring to every single project. I’m originally a graphic designer, and I’ve been doing both print and web design for a long time. But I also have a marketing degree and almost 25 years experience working as both an Art Director at a marketing agency as well as a freelance designer.

So, when it comes to building your company a beautiful, yet functional website, you’ve come to the right place. I place a special emphasis on mobile responsive development, and meticulously test each website that I do on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

“I have a marketing degree and almost 25 years experience working as both an Art Director at a digital agency and a freelance designer”

Whether it be working directly for a larger agency or laying out custom front-end design for my clients, I use my creativity and experience in the Web industry to design and conceptualize layouts that are cutting-edge and yet functional and usable across all platforms. I spend hours tweaking design concepts to make them perfect, and I never settle for second best.

When needed on certain projects, I don’t mind rolling up my sleeves and getting my hands dirty. Often times, this is through the layout and creation of website wireframes. I don’t jump right into customizing a pre-built theme or laying out elements just for the sake of elements. I think through the logistics of hierarchy, usability, and website flow and lay out site details that cover all of these bases before I begin the actual design.

I’ve been working with WordPress for almost 10 years, and we use it almost exclusively for all of our custom website design/builds. Not only do I have skilled WordPress development partners, but I build and develop in WordPress myself. Its built-in CMS, is the perfect solution for content storage, management, updates and more.

Design and layout have been my specialty for years and one of the things that I truly enjoy the most. Whether it be laying out and mocking up unique designs for my clients or exploring user interface ideas for larger design companies or agencies that hire me, I take the time to research my clients, learn the industry, and then present unique yet clean and professional (and usable) ideas that are visually appealing and user-friendly.

I don’t leave my clients without a plan. If we work together on a website then I continue to take a vested interest in the design standards, marketing, promotion and freshness of your website. I offer monthly maintenance plans for my clients or work on retainer for a few select clients. Either way, I offer continued help and support for those clients who need my services on an on-going basis.


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