Working with a freelance designer vs. an Atlanta web design company

I get asked from time to time: What are the pros and cons of using a freelance designer versus working with a design firm or Atlanta web design company? And then inevitably, the question follows: Well, what makes you different than other freelancers?

First of all, I think my work speaks for itself. An overused phrase, yet one that I keep coming back to, is You get what you pay for! However, it doesn’t have to be this way. I firmly believe that I can give you way more than you pay for.

While working with a company or firm gives you seemingly more security, a greater level of professionalism, a larger number of eyes on your project, etc. those same things can be negatives, and in the end you may get the same product and pay 2, 3 or even 4x the amount of money. Believe me, know one knows the industry like an Atlanta web designer who has worked every angle of the industry. I was a creative director at a design firm for several years before venturing out on my own. And before that I was a senior designer at several different Atlanta web design companies. I know that many times what you pay for is not necessarily experience, but it’s overhead: building rent, extra bodies, janitorial supplies, large electric bills, etc. With me, you pay for actual work. Hard work. Creative work. And you get a product that’s not padded by extra salary for an Atlanta web design company President or overly salaried Creative Director. You pay for results and that’s what you get.

When it comes to working with freelancers though, you have to be careful. If you Google “Atlanta freelance web designer” you’ll get a myriad of results featuring so-called designers, whose portfolios are chalk full of websites that look like they were done in Frontpage 15-20 years ago. In that case, once again You get what you pay for!

Having worked in several design firms, and since then having done contract work for various agencies across the US, some of those being the top design and marketing firms in the country, I know what it takes to take your company, your brand, your website, and you to the next level! Don’t settle for something just because the price seems right. I offer professional, top of the line Atlanta web design and branding work for a fraction of the costs of what you’d pay a large Atlanta web  design company. And yet, by working with me, you’ll get the results of agency, by having a creative professional come along side you and put in the time and creative talent to take your company or business to the next level.

So, give me a call today to talk about your Atlanta web design or branding project: (678) 549-0718. Why wait?